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A PMC4U Product manager’s job is to look into and research the products for your company or organisation. They must take many factors into consideration, such as demographic and competition, as well as how the product fits in with your company’s business model.

Product managers oversee the entire development and production process of a business’s products. They are integral in the life of a product and coordinate with departmental teams to ensure its success. Managers mediate with product design, quality assurance, testing, sales, marketing, and accounting teams.

The success of a product is not only dependent your internal company processes but external market factors as well. Product managers watch and review commercial trends to determine the best methods to make the product or service marketable or profitable to your company. They analyse data and meet with relevant stakeholders to determine the best strategies.

Our Product managers:
Foster client relationships
Negotiate with suppliers, and distributors
Coordinate with managerial teams
Determine the best time for the product to go on the market
Prepare, review and distribute reports, feedback, analysis, and other market data
Monitor all aspects of the design, development and production process

Increase sales the smart way!

An operations manager plays a vital role in ensuring that the day-to-day operations of a business run smoothly. They are responsible for ensuring that effective methods are put into place so that the company of employment runs to its maximum productivity.

Operations managers work to improve the working environment and business processes of a company. They aim to strengthen client relationships and ensure the successful continuance of business operations.

Let a PMC4U Operational Manager work with your business to:

Ensure safety regulations are adhered to
Implement measure to provide motivation for employees
Oversee customer service departments and assess that they are meeting customer satisfaction goals
Dialogue with clientele about customer service issues or queries
Communicate information to the departments filtered for management
Implement quality management and regulatory compliance strategies
Review customer reviews and customer related statistics

Engagement Management is the business process of fulfilling client needs over time through a series of co-ordinated engagements.The engagements are made up of anything from complex projects to activities such as maintaining relationships, responding to questions, and delivering materials.


What can you expect from a PMC4U engagement manager?

Overall project plan which outlines the timing and nature of each subproject,  and the role of team involved; in short: the knowledge how it all fits together
Application of  project management methods within the EM process;  including effective portfolio and programme management techniques
Management of weekly deliverables
Ongoing status reports for your stakeholders


With a PMC4U engagement manager in place you will see the following signs of effectiveness:

Both suppliers and clients will benefit from increased control over their activities

Greater control, increases the likelihood of success

The primary aim of our project managers is to ensure that our client’s needs and requirements are adhered to and that the overall project is completed in a timely manner. It is also the project managers responsibility to ensure the project does not go over budget.

By combining highly specialised analytical skills with a global perspective, we assure the time and cost effective completion of your projects. Our analyses always account for contingencies. The method of choice in our company is Prince2.


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